Exclusive interview with Gordon G.G. Gebert, 10.07.2005

Since our first interview past almost 5 years, how your life really changed for this time?

Gordon Gebert: It's been a rollercoaster, like all our lives are. I've lost a few close friends, and that's very sad and hard to deal with. I've also had many more successes come my way from working hard. Musically, I've played keyboards with the band "Angel" with a new DVD coming out. I have a new book out called "Rock & Roll War Stories". It's very funny and getting great reviews. I'm finishing another book about my experiences playing with Angel called On a Wing and a Prayer with "Angel".


May be it's a little late, but how is your latest book "Rock & Roll War Stories" selling well?

Gordon Gebert: It is doing very well. I've gotten nothing but great reviews. Everyone who reads it says it is very fun and entertaining.


Tell me the truth, as you announced in the last interview about sending pictures in uniform, how many russian girls write to you?

Gordon Gebert: A few girls e-mailed me. We have a few scandinavian girls in the book from you guys. Thanks very much!


Which photos were sent to you by fans most impressed you?

Gordon Gebert: The naked ones!


Since 1999 year Kiss never play in Russia, can you believe it?

Gordon Gebert: I'm very surprised they haven't. Gene is missing out on the Russian rock music market.


Some fans afraid Kiss never comes to Europe?

Gordon Gebert: It's a shame.


May be you can tell us latest news bits about Kiss right from USA?

Gordon Gebert: I don't have any news. The closest person to KISS I see  the most now is Bruce Kulick.


What on your mind now, what are working on this moment?

Gordon Gebert: Musically, I am working with a 12 piece big band with a horn section and 2 female singers in New York. Also, working on the books and DVD. I will also be at the Norway KISS Expo in September along with Bob McAdams and Wendy Moore.


My interview with you was stolen by one guy, yes published without my permission.

Gordon Gebert: Why he stole it?


The last interview we did very interesting to read to this moment. Even I told him stop this publication, the guy says "fuck you" words to me (sorry for this!). I can't catch him, 'coz this is ukrainian who timely living in Germany.

Gordon Gebert: That sucks, I'm very sorry to hear this!


What you think about all this problems with authoring material starting with big internet influence?

Gordon Gebert: It is very hard to control.


Did you hear Howard Stern Show with Ace Frehley? What you realize from this?

Gordon Gebert: Ace ran away from the interview. From the answers Ace gave he hasn't changed much all these years. How many times can he tell fans his new CD is coming out very soon? He's been saying that since 1989.


Is it true you was on line waiting for connection  with Ace Frehley?

Gordon Gebert: Yes


Can you tell us some details about Howard Stern Show?

Gordon Gebert: Gary Dell'Abate (Howard Stern's producer) called me and Wendy Moore and had us waiting on the line for Howard Stern to introduce during the Interview.


Some time ago you was making Guest appearance on Cincinnati Kiss Expo, how it goes so far? Is everything was OK?

Gordon Gebert: The Cincinatti Expo was a lot of fun. I met Wendy Moore for the first time. It was also Bob McAdams first Expo appearance. Everyone at the Expo was very nice to us.


And you were all three Controversial Kiss Tell-All Authors Appearance? Why? This is good idea, who decided run this together?

Gordon Gebert: The publicist (Brittany Valentine) at Pitbull Publishing Book Company put it together. It's great for the Convention people as it is very entertaining to have us all there. Especially for the Questions from the Kiss fans. Here are some photos from the event: http://www.pitbullpublishingllc.com/page4.html

Speaking about Rock & Roll War Stories Book, is any there Kiss stories inside of it?

Gordon Gebert: Yes, very funny stories about all of them. The guys from Danger Danger had real funny Gene Simmons stories.


Did you have already Kiss & Tell DVD-Rom for sale?

Gordon Gebert: It is ready for sale but it's not released yet. I think the company is waiting for the best possible time to release it.


You did Q&A session on Concinnati Kiss Expo, what question was more interesting?

Gordon Gebert: The best questions were for Bob McAdams since he was there at the very beginning of KISS. Someone asked Bob McAdams if he still had the pyramid hat. That was a very funny question if you remember that story in the KISS & Tell book. Someone else asked Wendy Moore what Ace's favorite sex position was?


If it not a secret, how much your books were sold, quantity?

Gordon Gebert: More than I ever would imagine!


Do you plan make reissue of your books with a hard cover or some kind of collector's box?

Gordon Gebert: Actually, Bob and I are working on that right now. Bob recently found many old photos that were never seen by anyone. We plan on putting them in the new edition of "Kiss & Tell".


Were you was on September 11? We all were shocked terroristic act in USA. How it impact or effected on you?

Gordon Gebert: I live 15 miles away from where the Trade Center was. I saw the smoke from my house. My girlfriend at the time almost got killed as she was only a few blocks away when the plane hit. 9/11 has left a huge mark on me as a person. I and my best friend went down there that weekend to help with the mess. You can see it as any times as you can on television, it's not the same when you see it in person. The smell was the worst part.


Did you know before Wendy Moore, the author of "Into The Void... With Ace Frehley" book?

Gordon Gebert: The publishing company that signed my contract signed with her. I didn't meet her until a few weeks ago in Cincinatti.


Did you find some same cross facts about Ace Frehley in her book? The same conclusions?

Gordon Gebert: When I read it, I believed it 100%. Everything she said about Ace rang true.


What the future for Kiss you see on horizon?

Gordon Gebert: I can only guess. You'd have to ask Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley and I think they don't even know the answer!


Are you playing or performing now with some band?

Gordon Gebert: I'm still recording with many bands and I play with a 12 piece New York band right now.


I'll be wonder if you say you have one more "Kiss & Tell" book?

Gordon Gebert: Bob and I are working on a new hard cover version of KISS & Tell with lots of new material and photos.


The Last question, did my english better from the last time, hope you can understand it all?

Gordon Gebert: I 100% undertsood you. A lot of improvement (I tease you)


Any last words to your book's readers, Russian Kiss fans?

Gordon Gebert: Thank you. I love hearing from fans around the world and Russia is a very special place I would like to visit very soon. Especially Star City. I would love to see the space station there.


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